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Jof di Montasio

by Apr 7, 2021

Jof di Montasio – A Day To Remember

Ohh, how heartwarming are those memories of last summer. I can’t wait for this year and make plans of where I’m all going. I want some stable weather, but also health and a safe step. Then anything is possible.

One of my favorite adventures in 2020 is a visit to Jof di Montasio and Cima di Terrarossa above the Altopiano del Montasio mountain in the Italian Alps. My brother and I slept in the Jacobs Resort and started early in the morning because you have about 45 minutes drive from Kranjska Gora to this mountain. When the sun was rising, we were already climbing towards Jof di Montasio. Our plan was as follows: over Findenegg’s Ozebnik to the top of Jof di Montasio, then the descent down Pipan’s ladder and over the Ferrata Leva to Cima di Terrarossa, and finally along the comfortable path to the mountain Altopiano del Montasio. Everything worked out for us, we returned to the car tired, but full of new experiences and memories.

The path is one of the most demanding, physically and mentally, but full of adrenaline and crazy views. Not for the dizzy, the use of a protective helmet is mandatory, of course, a self-protection kit is also recommended. On the path, we met three more Slovenians who were picking the same tour as us, so in the end, we walked together. It took us about three and a half hours to get to the top of the Jof di Montasio, for the whole tour about nine hours, of course, with all the stops, snacks, time to take pictures and observe the surrounding mountains and ibex, which are many int this parts.

Pipan’s ladder to me is an additional spice, a topping on the cake. At the top of Jof di Montasio, you must ring the bell for good luck ?.

We did the tour in the middle of the week, so there weren’t many people at Jof di Montasio. The second mountain was Cima di Terrarossa, which is an undemanding path but it is very crowded. We quickly had a snack, took pictures, and were already heading back towards the starting point and the car. Nice tour at the right time and weather ?.

But a safe step, you go to the mountains with your head and even the easy path should not be underestimated. I share with you my trips, ideas of what to see and experience, but everyone has to take care of safety on their own. Therefore, I do not accept responsibility for any injuries and accidents. Everyone knows how much he can do.


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