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Pets in Jacobs Resort

by Jan 3, 2021

Pets are welcome in our apartments

Pets are more than welcome at Jacobs Resort.

You already know our puppy Kan, he also goes to Kranjska Gora with the greatest pleasure and in the end, he climbs up almost all the surrounding hills with me. He really is my faithful companion ?. If you happen to be wondering what breed it is, we are talking about the Turkish Shepherd. Ours is a gentle, spoiled giant. So if you notify us anywhere, we don’t bite, not even Kan ?.

Just a few more ideas (more in the following posts), what to visit with a puppy/dogy: Vršič, Ciprnik, Tromeja, Tamar, Krnica, Dovška baba, Slemenova Špica

Jacobs-Resort Kan and the sun
Kan and bini In Kranjska Gora Jacobs Resort

Of course, you can also bring someone else with you. Maybe next summer, in addition to Khan, we will take our Tobby, the Great Chinese Alexander.

Does he speak? He chats all the time. However, it is the most loving creature by far, it is only necessary to pay attention to its beak because it quickly finds the furniture that needs to be processed/demolished by him.

This year, for example, I also found a video of how the parrot Aurora goes to Triglav.

Jacobs-Resort all pets are welcome in our apartments
Jacobs-Resort our perrot Tobby in our aparmtnets

So – welcome to Jacobs Resort as soon as possible (as soon as the COVID-19 situation calms down). Let the exploration begin with our pets in Kranjska Gora ?.

However, since it is the new year, I wish you plenty of health and, above all, that all your hidden wishes come true, as well as those slightly less hidden ones.


  1. Luna

    Ja kok lušno ?

    • Bini

      Hvala ♥️


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