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Valley Krnica

by Mar 8, 2021

Valley Krnica in the Julian Alps

The wonderful days were so inviting, that I decided to visit Krnica valley and the hut in Krnica with two of my friends. The cloudless sky, the sun, the snow, and all these views took our breath away.

Two easy marked paths lead to the hut. One has a starting point just above Lake Jasna (bridge over the river Pišnica). For the other path, we have to drive the car to the 3rd serpentine of the Vršič road and park the car in a suitable place next to Ruski Križ (Russian Cross). This route is a bit shorter and takes us about 45 minutes, and the other one takes about 1.15 hours. The trip is suitable for both puppies and children, who will probably be most excited about the adventure in the winter when they will also be able to sled most of the way.

Currently, the hut is open on weekends for to-go orders. It may be worth mentioning that the path can sometimes be quite icy, so small crampons are good in those situations. Of course, the Krnica valley is also a starting point for more demanding tours. From here, the paths can lead to Špik, across the Kriška Stena to Križ, Gubno, and Škraltica, the queen of Slovenian mountains. We can also observe the mighty Razor and Prisojnik.

But a safe step, you go to the mountains with your head and even the easy path should not be underestimated. I share with you my trips, ideas of what to see and experience, but everyone has to take care of safety on their own. Therefore, I do not accept responsibility for any injuries and accidents. Everyone knows how much he can do.


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