Winter adventure to waterfall Peričnik


We started the route at the end of the village Mojstrana and the beginning of the Vrata valley. There is lots of snow, few people, nice weather, and a playful puppy Kan for a good day in the fresh air. If you want to get from Jacobs Resort to Mojstrana, you have to head back to Jesenice, taking you will wait just under 20 minutes by car. Once you’re in the village, however, follow the signs for the valley Vrata. The parking lots are appropriately arranged, and further from the Pri Rosu parking lot, the road is one way or another in the winter closed to vehicles.

The walk to the waterfall Peričnik

Now you have two options: you can continue on the road or turn onto the Triglavska Bistrica Trail.

The second option is a little longer, but you won’t be walking anywhere for more than 45 minutes. The trip is, of course, suitable for children and puppies. You can also take a sled with you for even more fun.

Once you are at the hut, you have about 10 minutes to walk to the first waterfall. But because the waterfall is mostly frozen and the surrounding area is covered in snow and ice, it conjures up a fantastic sight.

You can also extend the route to Aljažev dom in Vrata (mandatory adaptation to climatic conditions), but you will have to walk more than an hour to get there. This time we did not deice on this option.

We quickly drank some hot tea from a thermos, ate a bar of chocolate for strength, and already rushed back towards the car.

A safe step, even such an easy path, should not be underestimated. I share my tips and ideas of what to see and experience, but each one must take safety care of safety alone. Therefore, for any injuries and accidents, I do not accept responsibilities. Everyone knows how much they can do.